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Posts tagged as “Automation”

Back to the Basics – Automation World

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Back to the Basics  Automation World In the evolving world of digital transformation and concepts like smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and cognitive manufacturing, it is important to… “industry 4.0” – Google…

March 2019: Automation and the Future of Work

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Automation’s impact on the job market has been and will continue to be significant, to say the least. Forrester Research calls automation central to the next phase of digital transformation,…

Robot Workers: Whom Will Automation Replace?

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As machines get smarter and/or more capable, they can take over more tasks that used to be done by humans. From ATMs to self-help kiosks at fast-food restaurants, the past…

Automation Leads to Slowdown?

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I will bet there isn’t a person on the planet that hasn’t heard digitization and automation will displace some workers and that it will also create many new jobs. Everyone…