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Posts tagged as “Cities”

Future Cities Show concludes on a grand note

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International Data Corporation (IDC) indicates that spending on smart city technology is expected to grow to $ 135 billion by 2021 Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 10th April 2019:Smart cities will……

The Internet of Things and Smart Cities

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Enter the smart city, where the Internet of Things will impact everything from lighting to the flow of traffic through urban centers. isite_thesmartcityevent – Online Community

How Technology is Making Cities Smarter and More Efficient

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While urban planners invest millions of dollars in new technologies to help cities run more smoothly and efficiently, the truth is, you probably don’t even notice them. isite_iotevolutionworld – Online…

Road to 5G Ignites AVs, Buildings, Cities, and More

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Rapid connectivity via AV (autonomous vehicles) and the immense data transfer of speeds that will be experienced by 5G—unlike anything we’ve seen before—will change our lifestyles and our businesses. We…