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Posts tagged as “City”

Ken Sinclair: Smart Buildings for the Smart City

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The autonomous smart building is the secret sauce for building a smart city. Autonomous smart buildings are the strategic chess pieces that form the foundation of our truly smart cities.…

Stanza: Update on The Nemesis Machine / The Emergent City.

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The Emergent city is a spectacular art installation using real time data interactions to create a unique responsive connected city installation and interactive experience which is both audio visual… the…

IoT Connectivity Enables Vegas Bleutech Park “Smart City”

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A planned Las Vegas “mini-city” will showcase environmentally friendly construction and multiple interactive technologies, including Internet of Things solutions and connectivity. isite_thesmartcityevent – Online Community

The U.S. Army Discovers Uses for Smart City IoT Tools

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The U.S. Army is exploring how LoRaWAN could help with military communications in dense urban areas. The most important areas are where buildings may obstruct communication. isite_iotevolutionworld – Online Community

Knowledge Wharton: What’s Fueling the Smart City Backlash?

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A new phase of pause and double-check assumptions seems to have gripped the three-decades-old global movement of overstressed urban centers transitioning to so-called smart cities with innovative,… the internet of…