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Posts tagged as “Design”

The Basics of IoT Device Security – Machine Design

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The Basics of IoT Device Security  Machine Design Security software and hardware are starting to appear for IoT/IIoT devices. Device identity plays a major role. “industrial iot” – Google News

Why is Long-Term Availability Important? – Embedded Computing Design

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Why is Long-Term Availability Important?  Embedded Computing Design The demand from customers for long-term availability remains unchanged. This is especially problematic for the military, medical and industrial sectors. “industrial iot” –…

Be a Smart Data-Driven Company – Electronic Design

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Be a Smart Data-Driven Company  Electronic Design With the right data-analytics solution, IIoT-focused firms can drive process improvements and increase productivity today and in the future. “industrial iot” – Google News

Week In Review: Design, Low Power – SemiEngineering

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Week In Review: Design, Low Power  SemiEngineering M&A ANSYS will acquire Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC), a provider of explicit dynamics and other advanced finite element analysis … “industrial iot” –…

Using Pneumatics for IIoT – Machine Design

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Using Pneumatics for IIoT  Machine Design Pneumatics is already established as an advanced technology that lends itself well to IIoT capabilities. “industry 4.0” – Google News